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  • Barrel Ageing

    Barrel Ageing

    In this course, we will investigate and debunk one of the most widely held beliefs about dark spirits: "that the older the spirit, the better it must be." You'll learn how various spirit categories, barrels, altitude, temperature, location, and manufacturing methods affect the flavour and characteristics of a spirit.

  • Agave Spirits

    Agave Spirits

    Agave spirits are one of the most complex and diverse spirits in the world. Tequila is the most well-known product made from the agave plants and one of the most trending spirits over the years. You will learn all about these amazing spirits with rich origins, such as Mezca, Bacanora and Raicilla, making you a more well-rounded bartender.

  • Rum


    You will explore the origins and the history of Rum, including the evolution through time, culture and geography to become what we know today as one of the most popular spirits for most tropical cocktails. You will complete the course with an in-depth expertise on Rum, empowering you to make the most iconic cocktails and to share your skills at work.

  • Gin


    From the highbrow to the underground, this piney, crystal clear spirit has been at the heart of iconic cocktails more than any other. In this course, we start by tracing back the origins of Gin, its ingredients, production methods and taste. This deeper knowledge on such an important spirit will help you advance your skills to the next level.

  • Spirits Primer

    Spirits Primer

    In this course, we will learn and explore the basics about spirits distillation, learn what is distilled spirits the main differences in styles, flavors, and regulations? We will also explore and learn the best way to go about tasting and appreciating spirits across different categories.

  • Scotch Whisky

    Scotch Whisky

    You will discover the origin and history of Scotch Whisky and the ingredients, with in-depth details on the raw materials. You will learn about the main difference in styles, flavours, regions, maturation and blending. You will also go deeper into the most iconic Scotch Whisky cocktails, including the techniques to improve your skills.

  • Vodka


    Vodka is currently one of the most versatile spirits in the market and an essential ingredient base for many classic cocktails. In this course, you will learn about the history of Vodka, as well as the ingredients, production and taste. This deeper knowledge will build your confidence in the bar, giving you the right tools to make the best cocktails for your next customer.

  • Vermouth & Aperitif

    Vermouth & Aperitif

    In this course, you will travel back in time and explore the origins of the aromatised wines and vermouths. We teach about their evolution through time, culture and geography that gradually transformed to what we know today as Vermouth and Aperitivo. You will learn about how to make the most iconic and delicious cocktails and practice your new skills, allowing you to exceed your guests' expectations next time you are behind the bar.

  • American Whiskey

    American Whiskey

    In this course, you will discover the interesting background and origins of American Whiskey. You will learn the best way to taste and appreciate a whiskey neat, on the rocks or pairing with food. This will empower you with just the right skills to truly conquer the bar.

  • Irish Whiskey

    Irish Whiskey

    Irish Whiskey is incredibly rich and continues to be well-known globally. You will explore the origins of Irish Whiskey and its regulations. You will also get to learn what differs Irish Whiskey from Scotch, American and other styles of whiskies around the world so that you can make sure the next time a customer asks for the difference between various whiskeys you will confidently answer them.

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